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We offer personalized payment options to f​it your needs

Columbia Contracting LLC  is proud to offer flexible financing options to help you fund your dream home improvement or make it easier to afford an emergency repair project. We’ve partnered with Foundation Finance and Enhancify to seamlessly offer personalized payment options in seconds, without taking home equity.

  • Request $1,000 – $100,000 

  • Get pre-qualified in 90 seconds without a hard pull (doesn’t affect your credit score)

  • Pay the same affordable amount every month

  • Personal loan APR’s as low as 6.99%

  • Avoid taking out a home-equity line or second mortgage

  • Unsecured personal loans available – no need to give up your home or car as collateral

  • Get the cash flow to cover any project upgrades or changes

  Click on Links Below To Get Pre-Approve (Soft Pull)

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How it works:

Step 1: Open the pre-qualification link from Foundation Finance or Enhancify sent from Columbia Contracting LLC.

Step 2: Fill-out the pre-qualification form. Enter your name, address, email, and phone. Lastly, enter your annual household income. Note: Include everyone's income that is currently living in the house.

Step 3: Get pre-qualification results and determine which loans you been approved.

Step 4: Select the loan you want to apply for based on your pre-qualification.

Step 5:  Sign loan documents and have project completed.

Step 6: Repay the lending partner in affordable monthly installments.

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